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Rivenera's Followers
~Featuring Fyrae, Mil'lyn, and Syldreath~
Available Individually or Merged Pack

Based on Rivenera's Character Presets
Permission given for follower creation




Name:  Fyrae Ravendew
Type:  Dual Wield Berserker
Race:  Nord Based / Custom Race
Voice:  Female Sultry
Marriageable:  Yes
Height:  1
Weight:  87
Body:  UNPB & CBBE
Skin:  Demoniac (2K, Non-Gloss)
Location:  Solitude - Winking Skeever
Armor:  Draconic Bloodline HDT - Sanguine
Weapons:  Daedric Swords of Petrifying & Vampire, Daedric Bow & Arrows
Class:  Combat Warrior 1-Hand
Style:  Berserker/Dual Wield
Levels with Player.  Nord traits/bonuses.
Skill Bonuses:  Archery, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Restoration, Block, One Handed, Two Handed
Perks:  One Hand Dual
Tested with AFT & EFF


Name:  Mil'lyn Evenmoon
Type:  Ice Mage/Magic
Race:  Nord Based / Custom Race
Voice:  Female Young Eager
Marriageable:  Yes
Height:  1.01
Weight:  64
Body:  UNPB & CBBE
Skin:  Demoniac (2K, Non-Gloss)
Location:  Solitude - Angeline's Aromatics
Armor:  Draconic Bloodline HDT - Blood Dragon
Weapons:  Daedric Sword of the Sorcerer, Daedric Bow & Arrows
Class:  Combat Mage Destruction
Style:  Spellsword
Levels with player.  Nord traits/bonuses.
Skill bonuses:  All Magic, Light Armor, Heavy Armor
Perks:  Destruction & Restoration Branches, Mage Armor, Magic Resistance
Tested with AFT & EFF


Name:  Syldreath Silverfrost
Type:  Tank with Shield
Race:  Nord Based / Custom Race
Voice:  Female Sultry
Marriageable:  Yes
Height:  1.01
Weight:  64
Body:  UNPB & CBBE
Skin:  Demoniac (2K, Non-Gloss)
Location:  Solitude - Bits & Pieces
Armor:  Draconic Bloodline HDT - Dragonscale; Daedric Shield of Extreme Blocking
Weapons:  Daedric Sword of Subsuming, Daedric Bow & Arrows
Class:  Combat Warrior
Style:  Custom Tank Shield
Levels with player.  Nord traits/bonuses.
Skill bonuses:  1 Handed, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Destruction, Block, Archery
Perks:  1 Handed, Block Branches
Tested with AFT & EFF

ENBs Used in Screenshots:  RealVision & Vividian


HDT Physics
HDT High Heels


Are You There
HDT Invisibility Fix


UNPB is the only body type currently with armor option

With some ENBs a skin texture difference may be noticeable between head and body

With the Armor Versions some common HDT related problems may occur especially when traveling with all three.

When traveling with all three and depending on your computer limits, the brown/black face bug may appear.
Fast Travel fixed this during testing.




Rivenera (Character Ownership)
Draconic Bloodline
Demoniac Skin
SG Hairs (Google is your friend)
KS Hairdo's - Renewal
Eyes of Aber
The Eyes of Beauty
Improved Eyes Skyrim (Google is your friend)
Rutah Tattoo Pack for Racemenu
The Coenaculi
YevMods - Makeup Pack
Better Makeup for SKSE
RANs Eye Reflection Extender
Seductive Lips HD
Smile in HD

*If I forgot anyone, please kindly remind me*


This follower is the combination of the work of others.  Please obtain their permissions in addition to mine.




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