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  1. Builds B02 and higher require all Fallout 4 DLC to run properly.

    We have been waiting longer than expected to release Beta 2. We wanted to be sure that we have every available asset to our disposal while creating the mod. That's why we have been waiting for the release of Nuka World, as this is the last DLC Bethesda will publish for FO4. From now on, the versions will be updated regularly.
    Thompson Island is a large quest we are working on with a team of dedicated modders. We are releasing the exterior of the Island in Beta and are hoping for comments and tips on our current work. The screenshots are taken a few days ago. We already developed a lot more content since then. The content on the Creation Kit screens is already in this version, but there is no in-game footage as of now.

    If you want to be updated on a regular base, you can like us on Facebook and check out our daily updates.

    The Story
    Thompson Island is inhabited by a community that lived in seclusion for centuries. They believe to be the only survivors after the Great War. No one ever had contact with them after the bombs fell and thus they succesfully built a thriving selfsufficient community. The island is under the ruling of the Clintons, who ran a private hospital before the bombs fell. 

    Their world is shaken when you, the Sole Survivor enter their city and tell them they are not as lonely as they thought. When you discover the terrible secrets of the island's history and that Vault-Tec even built a vault on their island they didn't know of, you have to make a tough decision: do you reveil the horrors of Thompson Island or do you leave the islanders to live in ignorance forever.

    Thompson Island is an actual island in the Massachussets Bay and is situated next to Spectacle Island. A lot of things in this mod, like the shape of the island, are heavily based on the real Thompson Island.

    How to get there Open the console by pressing ~ Type "coc TIMoonIsland" and hit enter. This is where the mod will start. You can go to Thompson Island by walking towards one of the rowboats. When you want to enter Clinton City, use the console again and click on the door. Then type "unlock" and hit enter to open it.
    Current Features Explorable exterior of Moon Island, Long Island and Thompson Island Visit "The Roasted Bean" cafe and the first floor of Vault 71. Named locations. The locations will pop-up and are already named as planned for the questline.
    The world map that was available in Beta 1 needs to be updated due to Moon Island and Long Island being added to the mod.

    Console shortcodes
      Moon Island - coc TIMoonIsland Moon Island Boats - coc MIBoats (Moon Island > Thompson Island test) Long Island - coc TILongIsland Long Island Cave - cocTILongIslandCave (workshop) Vault-Tec Communications - coc TIVTCExt Clinton City - coc ClintonCityExt Farms - coc TIClintonFarms The Roasted Been - coc TITheRoastedBean Vault 71 - coc Vault71 Vault 71 2nd - coc Vault71Inst (Beta 3) The Academy - coc TIAcademyInt (Beta 3)
    Because this mod is currently in Beta, you might encounter bugs or technical issues. Please report them so that we know what to fix.

    Due to the Beta content, we've added the mod to New Lands. The actual mod will be placed under Quests and Adventures.

    Maud Kon
    Idea, Concept Art, Story, Level Design, Quests and Scripting.

    Sky Upchurch
    Music, Story, Media (Trailer), Voice-acting.

    Kim v/d Hauwe
    Character Development, Textures and Meshes.

    Kim Ellis 
    Music, Character Development, Voice-acting.

    Mike Sinke
    Music and Media (Trailer).




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