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  1. This script enables you to teleport to another location with a smooth white transition as seen in the quest Dangerous Minds. You can use it to create a natural transition if the player gets drugged, knocked out, passes out etc. First you need to place a trigger (preset: "DefaultActivator"), an invisible door (InvisibleLoad01HiddenMinUse) in your source cell and another invisble door in your target cell. Create a linked reference between the trigger and the invisible door like you see in the screenshot. Then link the source and target door as you would with regular doors. Now we need to create a new script. Go to "Gameplay" and click on "Papyrus Manager". Right-click to create a new script. Name the script and adjust the code below accordingly. If you don't see your script after saving, right-click and click on Refresh All. When you see the script, double click on it to make adjustments. After the script is set up correctly, go to the Scripts tab on the trigger options. Click on "Add" and look for the script you just created. Once you added the script, save the trigger and your plugin. You now have a working teleport between the doors with a nice fading effect. Scriptname TITeleportScript extends ObjectReference Sound Property QSTMQ203MemoryDenMemoryEnter Auto const int DoOnce Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akActionRef) If akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer() ;Only run the script if the player enters the trigger. If DoOnce == 0 ;Set the script to run once on the trigger. If you need a loop just remove this variable. DoOnce = 1 Game.TurnPlayerRadioOn(false) ;Turn off the player radio. GetLinkedRef().PreloadTargetArea() ;Load area around the linked reference. Utility.Wait(2) ;Wait for 2 seconds before proceeding ;Fade out. Set abBlackFade to true for a black colored transition instead of white. Game.FadeOutGame(abFadingOut=True, abBlackFade=False, afSecsBeforeFade=0.0, afFadeDuration=3.0, abStayFaded=True) QSTMQ203MemoryDenMemoryEnter.Play(Game.GetPlayer()) ;Play teleport sound effect. Game.SetInsideMemoryHUDMode(true) ;Disable HUD for a realistic transition. Utility.Wait(2) GetLinkedRef().Activate(Game.GetPlayer(), True) ;Activate the linked reference. ;Fade back to normal Game.FadeOutGame(abFadingOut=False, abBlackFade=False, afSecsBeforeFade=0.0, afFadeDuration=5.0, abStayFaded=False) Utility.Wait(2) game.SetInsideMemoryHUDMode(false) ;Enable HUD EndIf EndIf EndEvent
  2. We are happy you joined the network of the Bethesda Mod Creation Collective. We are here to help you excel in you mod creation processes or even let you make your first steps. To ensure that everyone can use the network as intended, there are a few things we want to notify you about: It would be nice to introduce yourself in the 'Welcome Thread'. Tell us why you're here and our members are more than willing to reach you a helping hand; Be helpful and respectful to others. We share a common interest and there is no need for causing trouble; Try not to bump any forum threads. If we get complaints from others or if a moderator sees you doing it, you'll get a warning point for it; All users are bound to our Terms & Conditions. Be sure to read those before adding any content to the network. If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly or an individual staff member.
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