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  1. Sunflowers for Skyrim SE

  2. Sunflowers for Skyrim SE

  3. Sunflowers for Skyrim SE

  4. Sunflowers for Skyrim SE

  5. Sunflowers for Skyrim SE

  6. Version 1.0.0


    E ENB for SE designed for and with Dolomite Weathers and ELE (Enhanced Lighting for ENB). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Ultrarealistic Preset Autofocus Bokeh DOF Bloom Separated D-N-I ENB Effects LUT Colorgrading Depth Sharpening -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Dolomite Weathers and ELE is required. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Download the Skyrim Special Edition ENB Files from enbdev.com. If you can't find the download button, just click "News", you should see it then. Then you just scroll down, look for TES Skyrim SE and download V. 310. Step 2: Once the files are downloaded, extract them, open the file, open the Wrapper Version and put d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into the Skyrim Special Edition ROOT Folder (Where Skyrim Special Edition.exe is located) Step 3: Download my preset and put them in the ROOT Folder. (Where Skyrim Special Edition.exe is located) Step 4: Now, go into your INI files (Located in Documents/My games/Skyrim Special Edition) and open skyrimprefs.ini. Under [Display] make sure BShadowsOnGrass, bDrawLandShadows and bTreesReceiveShadows set to 1. Step 5: have fun. Ewi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highly recommended Mods: ELFX - Exteriors SFO - Tree only Version Verdant Grass Realistic Aspen Trees Realistic Water Two Credits: Boris Vorontsov (ENB Developer) JawZ tapioks guzio mindflux Marty McFly and all the other amazing Guys on enbdev.com. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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